Just Like the Movies

Just Like the Movies
Live your life as a movie star, without the hassle of having to act, dodge the paps or star in a film with our It's Not Like The Movies T-shirt. So grab your popcorn, cheesy nachos and sit back and let the t-shirt do the talking. COMPETITION TIME! As we are in a movie mood and want to celebrate our brand new T-shirt, we have a competition for a lucky Lazy Oaf fan to get their hands on one. So dust off your red carpet or any kind of carpet around you film freaks and tell us... If you could be a movie star for a day, who would you be and why? The BEST ORIGINAL answer as chosen by the Lazy Oaf team will be rewarded with a brand spanking new movies tee in their size! To enter simply put your suggestion into the comments box on this post! Simple. All entries must be in by Wednesday 12th May and please include your name and email address in the comment. As we thought this was a fun challenge we couldn't resist but have a crack at it ourselves! Lets see what we came up with...


Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Ferris Bueller If you haven't seen it you have missed out because he had the funnest, jammiest and blaggiest day ever. Love it!


Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade - Indiana Jones To be Indy for a day would be so cool! You can have an awesome comedy adventure for a day. Plus Sean Connery is your dad for 24 hours... That reason alone is good enough!


This is Spinal Tap - Nigel Tufnell Like Nigel, I like Stonehenge, the codpiece and preferably amps that go up to 11!


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Bellatrix LeStrange

Defo would be Bellatrix Lestrange. I could do magic, be evil, kill people, have massive hair, wear amazing robes and even better stare at Severus Snape all day!!! yes!


Tankgirl - Tankgirl

She drives a tank all day blowing stuff up and smokes cigars!


Who's That Girl - Nikki Finn

I would like to be Nikki Finn from the movie Who's that girl. She is a misunderstood ex-con who has some amazing outfits including a top that turns into a classy dress in seconds! She also has a pet jungle cat. This film also has one of the best title sequences ever!


Labyrinth - Sarah

I would be Sarah from The Labyrinth. I'd start the day by hanging out with Hoggle the dwarf, Ludo the giant horned monster and Sir Didymus the knight fox riding on the back of an Old English Sheep dog. Then I would get lost in the arms of Gothic prince Jareth AKA David Bowie in the masked ball where I would repeat 'you have no power of me'. Finally I will save the day by rescuing my baby brother from the land of goblins followed by a group rendition of Dance Magic Dance. Then I would wake up.


The Big Lebowski - Jeffery Lebowski a.k.a The Dude

Friday - Smokey

I always admired these two character's ability to do nothing. Both movies illustrate perfectly that you can make a good movie without having a solid plot or point, as long as you have some likeable actors... and a little weed.
Weird Science - Kelly LeBrock
Just check Kelly's slamming body in this film. That's enough of a reason for anyone. Plus having super powers, getting to hang out with anthony michael hall in his porsche, some incredible 80's garms and powerful hair...oh and jokes 24/7. Its all in the name of science......weird science. Hope our suggestions got the ball rolling and we look forward to seeing what great answers you come up with! Good luck movie buffs! THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED! Click here to see the winning entry.