Lazy Oaf hearts you

Lazy Oaf hearts you

Posted by: Jerry

Last night Lazy Oaf took over East London venue The Macbeth to put on a night with monthly club makers i heart and we had a right old time. This was a different type of event for us Oaf's as we weren't launching or creating anything so it was basically just throwing a big party for fun, and partying is what we did! No event of ours would be complete without some decoration so we decided to make the most of the balloons we had left from the drawing club courtesy of Our interns Katie and Ben devoted an afternoon to covering them with every face imaginable (my favourite was a Cyclops) and then had the tricky but fun job of transporting them 15 minutes down the road (see above.)

After a struggling time trying to untangle them, the balloons were dispersed onto the muraled ceiling and remained there for the duration of the night, minus those that were let down and used to make your voice go squeaky.

There was a free barbeque running on the roof top from 8.30 and it was very tasty indeed. I was particularly sold by the cheese burger topped off with brown sauce.

Shevone couldn't get enough of the corn-on-the-cob.

i heart founder Posy Dixon got busy in the kitchen making these RAD cup cakes with pink sponge and they were snapped up in seconds. She also made mini burger ones that went so fast I didn't even see them.

Here is Holly showing her true colours.

To Oaf up the place a bit, we covered an entire wall in A1 blown up photos from our look books shot by Bella Howard and Dan Wilton.

Here is artist Zeroten celebrating his victory after beating his housemate to a game of pool.

It got a little bit busy which meant it took about 20 minutes to get from one side of the room to the other!

At 10:50 we were treated to a superb performance from band Colours who took to the stage with a twenty five minute set.

The crowd went wild!

Here is our shop manager Ellie with the Colours boys and one of their Lazy Oaf goodie bags.

Girl band Pens bought in the crowds just after 11 to bring us their last ever performance, and a sure good one it was.

Check out drummer Helen looking ace in our Polka Dot reverse T-shirt with the So Special green necklace.

We also had DJ sets from a whole host of East London talents including Sexbeat pictured above with Posy.

We were super excited when rapper and Lazy Oaf lover Lady Sovereign rocked up with pal Malachi. Here is me wearing the Mini Skirt looking very excited.

Me and Zena girls Emily and Zena looking lovely as ever.

Gemma in the Skull Necklace with Alex

Designer nails

May we say a huge thank you to all of you who came along and made it a night to remember. Thanks to Posy Dixon and the i heart crew, Colours, Pens, the BBQ team, the DJs,, The Macbeth (and their sausage dog Daisy) and all of you of course.

To see all the photos from the evening please visit our Facebook fanpage.