Lazy Oaf x Nasty Gal: We Love Eva's Pinkland

Lazy Oaf x Nasty Gal: We Love Eva's Pinkland

With rainbow stripe hair, heartbreakingly cute style and and the most enviable collection of My Little Ponies, no girl represents the Lazy Oaf x Nasty Gal collection quite like Hong Kong model and Tumblr sensation Eva Cheung. This pink-loving dream 90s girl shares our love for cartoons, cuddly toy collecting and kick-ass platform trainers that would even make Baby Spice blush. You only have to look at her blog and you'll instantly find yourself lost in a nostalgic haze of pink clouds, candy floss and enviable sticker collections. We invited Eva to pick out her favourite designs from the Lazy Oaf x Nasty Gal Collection for an extra-special shoot photographed by her equally adorable best buddy Amber Man. Scroll down to find out about just some of Eva's favourtie things.

Watermelon Shorts and Watermelon Vest.

Scribble Zip Crop Tee and Scribble Denim Shorts

Stickers Crop T-shirt

Rainbow Long Sleeve Top and Rainbow Skirt

Pink or purple?


Long or short hair?

Long hair

Care Bears or My Little Pony?

My Little Pony

Googly eyes or smiley face?

Smiley face

Aliens or unicorns?


Space or ocean?


Backpacks or purses?

Backpacks Clear or opaque?


Brights or pastels?


Nail art or crazy makeup?

Nail art Pop or rock?


Popcorn or popsicles?


Rainbows or lightning bolts?

Rainbows Beanies or baseball hats?

Baseball hats

Tie dye or acid wash?

Tie dye

Piercing or tattoo?


Sneakers or platforms?


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