P..P..Pick up a Postcard

P..P..Pick up a Postcard

Looky look, we have a new book. In fact this is the first time ever that Lazy Oaf designs have been put together in one simple format - the postcard book. Yes after years of selling you books designed by some of our favourite drawers, we decided to do our very own and we hope you'll love it as much as we lurved making it!

Each book is packed full of 32 designs created by our one and only Gemma Shiel. Expect to find everything from odd characters to all over prints and paper creations

This postcard is the perfect Lazy Oaf collectible.

It can sit on your coffee table ready to impress you friends

or you can tear out the postcards and send them to friends...

plaster them on your bedroom wall or....

use them to bring a new lease of life to any note book, folder or diary!