Roll up, Roll up for the Greatest Diary on Earth

Roll up, Roll up for the Greatest Diary on Earth

With September only a couple of weeks away, term time is quickly creeping upon us and here at Lazy Oaf, we think this will be the year to remember. So, to get yourself organised and never forget a thing, we have this dateless Circus Diary ready for you to fill with all of your dates, targets and deepest thoughts.

And this isn't just your regular diary. Not only is it dateless so you can start your year whenever you wish but each page is also piece of artwork lined with circus themed illustrations to keep entertained for the 365 days ahead of you.

It includes 54 dateless week overviews with one week spread over 2 pages and 12 month overviews with one month spread over 2 pages so you can look back each month at all of your achievements.

The diary is not only there to keep you on schedule but it is also packed full of activities that will provide you and your pals with endless entertainment. Get ready to get carried away with the double page spread Rate my Mates letting you record everything from who has the buffest dad to which friend pulls out the smoothest moves on the dance floor.

Other activity pages include recording your dreams and nightmares ready for your pals to try and analyse (examples above) and a page to draw your family portraits.

So whether you're starting a new school, about to conquer your final year at uni or simply want to get your life back on track then the Circus Diary is your answer.