This is how you do it: Lucy Nicholls

This is how you do it: Lucy Nicholls

For the second season in a row, we are turning the tables and asking you to tell us how you wear Lazy Oaf. So, we have hand picked a selection of our favourite bloggers and trend setters from far and wide and have asked them to show us how they wear our stuff. Today we're getting an eyeful of colour and kitsch thanks to the talented student/blogger/all round creative lady Lucy Nicholls of Lucy wears the Ziggy Slob T-shirt in her first look and the Geo Heart Slob T-shirt and Aztec Necklace in her second. What's your name, where do you come from and what do you do? Hi everyone! I am Lucy from Surrey, now living in North London. I am half French and currently a student of Fashion Design Styling and Promotion as well as Freelance Visual Merchandiser for Liberty and a Fashion Lifestyle Blogger (phew!)

Ziggy Slob T-shirt - £35

Talk us through your Lazy Oaf looks I've styled two Lazy Oaf looks, both incorporate an awesome T-shirt which I chose for their 'Lucyness'! I'm wearing a Ziggy T with my Peter Jensen bikini on the beach and then a Geo Heart T with H&M jeans from years ago which I rolled up, some new New Look stilettos, a cardie and denim jacket combo also from the high street and of course the amazing Aztec Necklace which I fell in love with the moment I saw it! I rolled up the sleeves on both Ts which feminised the shape a tad. The location featuring the Ziggy T-shirt looks amazing, can you tell us a bit more about where you shot this look? The Ziggy T was actually shot in Malta! I went all the way there just.. no I didn't! But I was thinking for a while that I really wanted to shoot it on a rocky beach - slightly Flintstones style! I went to Malta a couple of weeks ago and it's fairly tricky to find places like this. Most beaches are stony and full of people but we waited till the sun dropped and luckily the results were grand! We love looking at your outfits documented on your blog Snippets of Shiny Thoughts, what inspires your sense of style? I don't know where inspiration comes from exactly for my mad outfit creations but I do love a good snoop on and I'm often finding styling tips from my favourite Blogger Shini of I of course adore colour and generally work with it to determine what item should be paired with what. I'm slowly learning some of the rules through magazines like Sunday Times Style but a lot of the time I'll be secretly influenced by an icon, event, theme or something which I've heard about recently or am going to attend. List 5 things you can't get enough of right now Lazy Oaf Backpacks Tiiiiime! - More long summers days doing nothing please! Colourful or blocky Shoes - Someone stop me collecting them at the speed of light. Marmite Cheese (ommnonom) Tame Impala - Ever since Richard Nicoll randomly told me he was listening to them for inspiration!

Aztec Necklace - £30

What has the rest of 2011 got in store for Lucy Nicholls? The rest of 2011 will be packed to the gunnells as always probably! I'll be travelling about (France/Somerset) and blogging all summer and will be incorporating my own fun crafts for sale on my blog (block colour screen prints etc!) as well as working at Liberty. At the moment I'm working on a wedding decoration commission which is keeping me super busy! I'll be finishing my degree for most of the year too so you may hear less of me then!

Geo Heart Slob - now in the sale for just £10!

Our verdict: Wowee! We love the playful, colourful, personal touch Lucy has given our designs in this shoot. We're certainly inspired by the Pebbles Flintstones edge she has given our Ziggy Slob on location in Malta (also wishing we were there right now!) And how good does our Geo Heart T-shirt look teamed with those crimson trousers not to mention the tie dye style nail art? You go girl! You can follow Lucy's life and loves on her visual treat of a blog Snippets of Shiny Thoughts.