Toys for Boys!

Toys for Boys!
Lets face it, when it comes to Christmas time there are no harder people to buy for than the boys in our lives. To make buying presents just that little bit easier, Lazy Oaf have just got in a whole NEW selection of boys toys ready in time for some festive shopping! So rather than pondering in the socks and pants department in M&S on Christmas Eve again, go check out our new treats. And make sure you guys have a look so you can finally find something to add to that annual blank Christmas list of yours!
Geek Goodies to get your hands on
Dart Coat Hooks – Trick all your friends with this original way of hanging up your coats.
A-Z CD Dividers – Finally you can organise your CDs in style!
Graffiti Train: Graffiti up your own train without getting arrested!
Hell Yeah! There are only a limited amount of each available so be sure to get in there quickly to avoid any hoo-hah! You can find more exciting treats like these in our Xmas for Him section.
Let us know what you think!