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Lazy Oaf

Women's Trousers

Women’s Lazy Oaf Trousers.

Pick up a pair of Lazy Oaf printed women’s trousers and jeans featuring iconic cartoon prints and colourful, bold graphics applied to fitted, high waisted cotton jeans.

Fashion label Lazy Oaf from London focus on designing innovative, high quality men’s and women’s clothing and accessories featuring the brand's unique illustrations, bold graphic prints and bright colour palette. Lazy Oaf product is designed in house from our East London base and references nineties youth culture, street wear and the brands witty, youthful sense of humour.

Women’s trousers and jeans.

Lazy Oaf x Garfield women’s jeans include the ‘Walk Like’ pink skinny jeans featuring a repeat print of cartoon cat Garfield wearing an Egyptian headdress from Jim Davis’ cartoon strip archive.

Lazy Oaf’s spring/summer trousers take the form of cotton, high waisted, skinny fit jeans in 100% cotton. Designs include the candy pink ‘From the Heart’ jeans with a repeat heart print and the nineties designer-inspired ‘Jeano Jeanelli’ jeans featuring a loud and colourful print of rockabilly dogs, chequer boards and zig zag patterns.

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