Gavin Connell Interview

We collaborated with Dublin based artist Gavin Connell on our Dress up Dress down collection this winter. Let’s face it, the big Christmas parties IRL might not be happening this year, but we’ll still be partying in our living rooms in fancy dresses, then dressing down in tracksuits for movie marathons the day after.

Gavin created a series of artworks inspired by the daily grind, with money bags and ‘Another day’ slogans, all in his trademark bold graphic style.

We thought up this collection in a pre COVID world, but something feels quite fitting about a collection where you can Dress up or Dress down, and it doesn’t really matter, but you’ll look great either way.

2020 has been one wild ride so far, what’s kept you sane this year?

What has kept me sane is of course drawing, but that is to be expected as most illustrators use drawing as an outlet. I also tried my hand at more analogue approaches to the work I make on illustrator, trying to get extremely clean lines with paint and a brush which I found very difficult.

Something that has consistently helped me clear my head is going for a run right after work. I also bought a computer near the beginning of lockdown (around April) that can run games very well and being able to socialize and have fun with some of my friends while playing was extremely helpful during the lockdown.

I also moved into a house with 4 other friends in June. So, at the very least we can all have some beers here on the weekend and pretend everything's normal for a couple of hours!

Gavin Connell Interview Gavin Connell Interview

How has creativity helped you get through the year, did lockdown provide any creative breakthroughs?

Drawing helped me immensely when Covid-19 start to grow rapidly. I was living in Berlin at the start of the year and moved back home to Ireland because of it and like many, I was very anxious because of how uncertain and ill-informed we were about it at the start. So, I used that emotion to create illustrations as a way to try to keep spirits high and also to keep my own mentality positive.

What does a day in the life of Gavin Connell look like?

Wake Up at 9am.
Down loads of water.
Make a strong coffee.
Either my girlfriend or I make a smoothie for breakfast most days now.
Work till about 12.30 pm (check emails, research if starting a new job or straight into the drawing if I can!)
Lunch- I normally always have eggs and I've recently been enjoying— Scrambled eggs, Chorizo, Spring Onion, Chilli's, Mozzarella and Hot Sauce. Put it on the George Foreman grill, really tasty!!
Maybe watch something with my girlfriend while we eat.
Make another coffee after that and back to work. (Normally always drawing and the occasional email in between)
Finish around 5.
Go for a run if I feel I need it or if I got lots of energy left.
Eat dinner around 6.30. Favourite thing to make is Jambalaya— Chicken, Chorizo, Onion, Peppers, Tomatoes, Stock, Rice and loads of Cajun Seasoning! Put it in a burrito with some cheddar as well!
Do Dishes.
Maybe watch a show with my roommates.
Then maybe some games in the evening around 8pm or 9pm.

What’s your favourite place to go for inspiration? Has this changed at all this year?

I get a lot of inspiration through artists I follow through Instagram. Some of my favourites are Steve Gavan, Rob en Robin, H.Y.T Jiro Bevis, MaryLou Faure and Nato Floral.

Documentaries on people that are seriously determined in what they do, motivate me greatly. The more niche the better. One I watched recently is called Deep Blue on youtube, where a computer programmer Feng-Hsiung Hsu is trying to build the first chess computer to beat the world champion in chess at the time

For personal projects, I find music really helps spark creative energy at the beginning of a project!

I get a lot of inspiration from my girlfriend Annie Moriarty who is also an illustrator/designer. We used to draw with each other all the time when we were in first year of art college and I learnt a lot from her!

Gavin Connell Interview

What movies will you be binging this Christmas? Any guilty pleasure?

Definitely gonna be watching Home Alone. I love seeing that little guy damn near murder two grown men. My friends and I love how relentless his methods for protecting his house are. Father Ted Christmas episode is the G.O.A.T in Ireland, I have already watched it recently, but I plan on watching it at least once more!

A guilty pleasure would probably be Fred Claus, as I don't think it’s a good movie, but I just really like it as I saw with friends in the cinema when it came out at the time. I blame nostalgia!

We’re already dreaming of our xmas feast, What’s your favourite part of the Christmas dinner?

I love my mams Christmas Stuffing recipe and her turkey. She wraps the turkey in bacon and it cooks in the juices, makes it very succulent!