Party for None with Annie Oh

Seoul born, Toronto bred, London based Oh Annie Oh is a DJ, Radio Presenter and Club Promoter. She is the founder and resident DJ of Night Dreams, which is club night specialising in Hip Hop, Drill, Trap and Afrobeats.

Annie has gone from DJing in bustling venues to solo performing with a virtual audience in her bedroom in Toronto. We last saw Annie perform at our Mr Men launch last September, where we were all dancing together blissfully unaware of what was to come. This November Annie invites us all to her party of NONE as we celebrate the end of lockdown (fingers crossed) and the start of party season.

We encourage you all to dress up in your office party finest from last year or dress down in something slouchy (elasticated waistband essential) to join us in your living room with a glass of something sparkly for a virtual boogie.

This global pandemic has unfortunately hit the music industry massively, but we’ve seen so many creative ways musicians and producers are still managing to do what they do best. We were desperate to hear how 2020 has been for Annie and how it feels entering party season with no real life audience.

Party for None with Annie Oh

Annie! 2020 has been a rollercoaster and we can’t wait for it to be over, but it is so amazing to see how the music industry has adapted to this new norm. If there is something good you have taken away from this whole experience, what would it be?

This year has shown how much we need the live music and the nightlife industry! With their absences, it’s become painfully clear how integral both are to our social lives and wellbeing. So… when we’re out of this, I’m never leaving the club early and I’ll be out 7 nights a week. Also, streaming sets is the best thing ever.

What do you miss the most about DJing IRL?

Wheel ups! Dropping a song and watching people lose their shit. I miss people losing their shit.

You have been hosting your event Night Dreams over on Twitch - how does it feel to DJ to a virtual audience?

I’ve recently turned my club night into an online experience called ​Night Dreams Sleepover​. I’m currently streaming twice a week, (Tues & Fri) and I can honestly say that it’s my new favourite thing. Having that instant connection with viewers and discussing everything and anything in real-time is something I didn’t know was missing from my life. Twitch has such a supportive and generous community that it’s honestly been one of the biggest positives that came out of the year for me.

What have you been wearing to your own parties of none?

This year is a free for all, no rules. Sometimes PJs, sometimes tracksuits, sometimes onesie, sometimes booty shorts. I have no idea what I’m doing and I love it.

We have now officially entered party season, what would be your usual schedule for this festive period on normal planet earth?

The end of the year is normally very busy with gigs & parties, with very little sleep and lots of hungover days… THE BEST :’(

Party for None with Annie Oh

What do you have in the pipelines instead this year?

My Twitch streams are my main priority right now so I’m super excited to continue building on that platform. Over the first lockdown, I dropped some merch for​ ​Night Dreams​, some​ ​odd coloured socks​ which went really well so I’ll be doing a second drop very soon! My radio shows have been keeping me sane this year so that will also be one of my main focuses for the rest of 2020.

Who were some of your biggest DJ inspirations growing up?

I was a lover of all music growing up but I’m totally serious, I think one of the reasons why I moved to London was because of the Spice Girls. Mel C DJs now and I got to DJ after her not once, but twice! Life’s quite weird.

The big question, dressed up or dressed down?

Dressed up AND down! I live for comfort but also love to be super extra. If people think my outfit is too much then I know I look great haha.

What has been challenging about doing virtual sets?

I have faced technical challenges whilst streaming… EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It’s not ideal but also kind of hilarious. But, for me it’s just about improving with each set, figuring out what works for me, to have a good time and not get too drunk! At the end of the day, streaming sets is still a relatively new thing for me so I’m okay for it to be a work in progress :) (but it’s actually lit already).

Why do you think it has been important for DJ’s to carry on doing their sets over lockdown?

About a month into the first lockdown, I made a mix series called​ ​‘Money’ & ‘Crushes’​, a lighthearted concept (I mean I even sampled the movie Titanic on ‘Crushes’ for god’s sake) on two things I missed most about normal life. It was really important for me early on to focus on little projects to stimulate my creativity and be able to share things I’ve been working on, so I didn’t go crazy.

Has there been a particular song that has got you through 2020?

Strange, but if I think back on music that came out this year, it brings me back to where I was exactly during lockdown insanely vividly (emotionally, mentally, physically) when they were released. Some highlights have been Teyana Taylor, PartyNextDoor, Nines, Pop Smoke, Jhené Aiko, Headie One and most recently, Wizkid.

Pre pandemic, who has the best nightlife, Toronto or London?

I can’t answer this question fairly because I haven’t experienced nightlife in both cities in the same capacity… But - I would definitely say that both cities have a lot of similarities in music and culture. One has more snow though.

Where would be the dream venue to DJ?

It’s the people ​in​ the venue that make it fun for me, but I love anywhere super dark with a really good sound system that has plenty of tequila. Having said that, as we come up to 9 months without the club, I’ll take anywhere that’s open ha.

Finally, do you have a piece of advice for female DJs starting out?

Always bring a spare USB. And if people tell you to ~smile~ while you’re DJing, it’s actually legal to give them a slap.

Listen here from 6.30pm GMT on 27/11/12