Lockdown with Theresa

Make up Artist Theresa Davies, has been a long time member of the Oaf family and is one of our go to creative collaborators for many an Oaf shoot. It’s always a pleasure, never a chore working with Theresa and we love her unconventional and creative approach to make up looks. How is she coping not being able to touch other people’s faces?

What is your current WFH: set up?

A wooden table in the lounge surrounded by copious amounts of makeup.

How have you managed to keep creative / inspired in this time?

I’m finding it quite inspiring slowing down and having the time to reflect and look at things differently. I have also been forced to be the canvas for my looks which is so different for me, and has definitely pushed me into a new direction.

We have creatively worked together on so many shoots, what has been your favourite and why?

Ooooo that’s a tough one, like you say we have worked together for years now, I’m gunna have to go with the first shoot we did with David Alonzo and Tre koch. I think everything came together so well that day and it’s still one of my favourite shoots. It was a fantastic day! I always enjoy our time together and seeing my Lazy Oaf family.

Lockdown with Theresa

Your approach to make up has always been so creative and unconventional, what is your creative process to a finished face?

I like to draw/illustrate my looks on pictures of the models on my iPhone/iPad. It helps me visualise and plan looks out as I am often doing a lot of different looks in one day. I’m also good at thinking on my feet and just trying something out, a mix of both is good I think.

What’s the dream commission?

I want to be a beauty ambassador or creative consultant for a beauty brand. I would also like to start a beauty school.

What are your favourite/must have tools for the job?

Mac paintsticks

Lockdown with Theresa

How has downtime been?

Surreal, I think we are all having ups and downs but it’s important for us all to stick together, express ourselves and stay connected. That helps, talking and seeing people’s faces (even if it is just on a phone screen) god I miss faces!

What are your tips for keeping it sane?

Keeping busy! Staying active and creative! Talking to people. Singing in the woods, dancing around in your lounge. Watching something that makes you belly laugh!

What’s getting on your last nerve?

The fact I can’t see my friends and family.

Lockdown with Theresa

Top 5 things right now?

I have had a lot of fun being my own canvas, running in the woods, homemade cocktails, video calls, oh and I started knitting!

Best lockdown dinner?

I mean there’s been a few but I’d have to go for the sausage ragu.


Lockdown with Theresa