Meet the Maker: Cremate

Get to know Junior from Cremate, the London based small brand who we worked with to create our very own mushroom incense holder and cones. We’re having a chat with him about his small business and how they create such gorgeous smoky smells.


Hello Junior! Fancy introducing yourself to everyone at Oaf?

My name is Junior Adesanya, I’m 26, from South East London and I’m the founder of Cremate.

Where do you work? We bet it smells amazing, wherever it is.

I actually work out of my home in Bethnal Green - and yeah I do get a lot of comments on it from visitors. Apparently you get whiffs before you open the front door.

How did Cremate come to be?

Cremate was the by-product of a pre-existing interest in scent and late night web surfing - I had always burned a lot of incense and sort of arrived at a point where I was so invested in incense as a part of my everyday, I thought it would be cool to produce some just for my space. This then got out to a few friends and snowballed from there.

Meet the Maker: Cremate

What’s the best thing about running a small business?

Probably still being so close to my audience, it’s nice to get direct feedback and thoughts.

What inspires your products and scents?

The human condition.

We love the notes of ylang ylang and lavender in the cones you made for us - what does this scent remind you of?

I get “summer evening stroll through a field” vibes with this scent.

What are your favourite relaxation rituals?

Right now I don’t get a lot of time to indulge in relaxation rituals, but when I do I’d have to say lighting some incense (of course) and being horizontal.

Meet the Maker: Cremate

Can you walk us through the production process for your incense? Is it difficult?

It’s pretty straightforward once you know what you’re doing. Mix a blend of essential oils, soak your cones or sticks for a day or so and dry them off for a day or so too.

Do you have a favourite product you’ve ever made? Why do you love it so much?

I guess my first ever two incense scents - it’s with these I launched Cremate and now have all the opportunities I do now.

If you had a physical IRL store, where would you want it to be?

Probably Kings Cross or Redchurch Street.

Who would be your dream collab? Apart from us, of course.


What does the future of Cremate look like when you have a peek in your crystal ball?

More core bits, more collabs, and some special situations.

Meet the Maker: Cremate