STORE EXCLUSIVES - Meet The Maker: Lomito

Meet our next super talented maker, Margarita, who designs & creates ceramics for her brand, Lomito, over in Athens. Margarita crafts joyful homewares, full of character... two pieces are never the same. You can shop Lomito’s ceramics in our Boundary Street store in London now.


Hey Margarita! How are you today? We’re excited to have your ceramics in our store!

M: So excited as well ....yeyyyy!!!

How did you first get into pottery?

M: Well ...I used to work in the fashion industry as a stylist at a high street brand and everything was so fast that I wanted to slow down a bit ... So I decided to move back home to Athens, Greece and take pottery lessons which was something I always wanted..... Getting your hands dirty and creating something from scratch is very fascinating.... Atleast for myself!

If you could open a Lomito store anywhere, where would it be?

M: Part of my dream is to move to a Greek island, so I guess I would have my store there as well!

STORE EXCLUSIVES - Meet The Maker: Lomito STORE EXCLUSIVES - Meet The Maker: Lomito

What’s your favourite ceramic piece that you’ve ever made?

M: Definitely the small yellow smiley vase! I Love opening the kiln and seeing so many smileyfaces!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

M: I don't really know... Mostly random stuff. There is always some kind of movie or music playing in the background while I work and this definitely has an impact, but it usually hits me while I am working on something else!

What does a typical working day for you look like? From when you wake up until you go to sleep?

M: I recently became a mom so my days are pretty crazy! Every day is different nowadays, trying to squeeze a little studio time while the baby sleeps or when grandma babysits!

STORE EXCLUSIVES - Meet The Maker: Lomito STORE EXCLUSIVES - Meet The Maker: Lomito
STORE EXCLUSIVES - Meet The Maker: Lomito

How would you describe your studio? Tidy or messy?

M: Messy for sure.....sorry! Clay, tools, buckets, baby toys, snacks.. you get the idea!

What do you love the most about owning your own brand?

M: Having your own brand can be challenging at times but totally satisfying as well. Lomito is a really, really small (almost tiny) brand, a one woman show. Making the products, taking pictures, answering emails, managing instagram, packaging, post office deliveries everything goes through me but the part that I love the most is when the customers receive the order and send me pictures with my ceramics and all the love I get from them..... It's truly amazing and this is the part that keeps me motivated!

STORE EXCLUSIVES - Meet The Maker: Lomito

What has been the biggest challenge for you this year?

M: The biggest challenge was actually time management between being a new mum under quarantine with orders on the line to be delivered. Breastfeeding eats the soul out of you! Thumbs up to all the working mums out there!

What’s the best part about running your own business?

M: I recently moved my studio to our house basement and the best thing for sure is that I can go in wearing my pyjamas! Plus, I really love the freedom that this kind of craft gives you, perfection is just boring!

STORE EXCLUSIVES - Meet The Maker: Lomito STORE EXCLUSIVES - Meet The Maker: Lomito