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Anti-Xmas, Xmas Songs
Anti-Xmas, Xmas Songs

The shops have been flooded with Christmas paraphernalia since before Halloween, you’re already finding tinsel in unsolicited places, and we’ve even grown sick of the Pret festive sarnies ALREADY (and that’s saying something) BUT IT’S NOT EVEN DECEMBER!!!

I mean don’t get us wrong, this is pretty much a Grinch free zone, we’re full of lazy festive cheer at LO HQ, just not the sickly-sweet Mariah kind that gets spewed out every year.

So, in protest against all this festive fuckery, and for those of us who associate Christmas more with mulled wine hangovers, excessive sock gifting and repetitive conversations with the in-laws but less with that illusive "festive cheer" we keep hearing about, we've collated our essential selection of Anti-Xmas, Xmas songs. Tunes that will remind you it's that time of year again but without making you want to run and hibernate till Jan the 1st.

Because tbh, all we really want for Christmas this year is to be left in peace!