Posted by: Jade

As part of our 10th birthday celebrations, we decided to have a good old reminisce about the year that Lazy Oaf was born, 2001!

2001 meant 'funky' rucksacks, one sleeved crop tops, Britney and Justin going strong, fancying Blink 182 (this hasn't changed) and a whole load of crimping and braiding.

One of the biggest style icons of the time has to be No Doubt's front girl Gwen Stefani. Gwen rocked the crop tops and baggy trousers like no other. Team that with pink hair and bright red lipstick and you have yourself a perfect example of 2001 fashion/madness.

Some other memorable and infamous styles manifested ten years ago. The one which made the most headlines was Bjorks swan dress, worn to the Oscars and designed by Marjan Pejoski. The final line up of Destiny's Child debuted in 2001 also, they came clad in A LOT of PVC and even more camo, along with the first album by Pink and her being well..very pink.

It wasn't just the girls representing in 2001, a lot of pop punk greats made their mark too. The best of the year has to be Blink 182 with their 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket' album or The Strokes and Sum 41's debut albums. Garbage reformed in 2001, The Hives, Pulp, Wheatus, Sugar Ray, Linkin Park, N.E.R.D and Limp Bizkit were all stereo favourites too. They were all great but there was definitely masses of cringe worthy anthems via Shaggy, S Club 7 and not forgetting t.A.t.U

If you switched on the telly you could expect to see Buffy cheer leading and slaying demons, wake up to 'Live and Kicking', have to sit through your mum watching Richard and Judy and then put on Top of The Pops.

Films were also pretty good in 2001, one of our favourites would have to be 'Ghost World', a film following the bored suburban life of the impeccably dressed weirdos Enid and Rebekah featuring the best combos of mini skirts, creepers and cat eye specs.

Donnie Darko was also released and mega crushes began worldwide for Jake Gyllenhaal.

So that was it, ten years ago! Now we're here ready to celebrate our birthday next week. Bring on the cake!