A Day in the Life of: Diva Hollands

A Day in the Life of: Diva Hollands
Last week we headed to one of our favourite teenage hangouts Camden Market to spend the day with London model, animal lover and real life mermaid Diva Hollands. Diva (yes that's her real name!) picked out her favourite designs from our SS13 collections and hung out with us amongst the markets many attractions including a cyber robot, a man with a mohawk and plenty of plastic sunglasses. Read on to find out what a happens in a day in the life of Diva Hollands featuring Game of Thrones, fish and chips and Instagram obsessions. This morning I woke up at: 7am (ew I hate early mornings). Last night I dreamed about: Cannot remember for the life of me! All I remember is that it was very vivid as all my dreams are!

Cat Leggings

For breakfast I had: I cooked myself a bacon and egg sandwich: First text message I received was: 'Where are you beautiful? Xxxx' from my boyfriend haha.

Oh Boy Slob T-shirt

The thing that's made me laugh the most all day: Watching Jerry (from Lazy Oaf) drool over that guy hahaha. Sadly we didn't get his photo. Top fact of the day: There is a fab Fish and Chip Shop in Camden where the girls dress as sailors!

Cat Face Bodycon Top

Best thing I've eaten: Ever? A restaurant called Coya Do Ceviche (marinated raw fish); its pretty damn good! But today it was the chips, they were yum! The song I've had stuck in my head all day: The 1975 - Sex

Scribble Zip Crop Tee

Social media platform I've abused the most: Instagram for sure! The TV programme I'm looking forward to watching: Made in Chelsea or Game of Thrones.

Bones Bodycon Dress

Hands Bodycon Dress with Spitfire Hiteque Sunglasses

Most mundane thing I've done: Rolling cigarettes. Today would have been better if: We'd won the lottery!

Dawg Bodycon Dress

Tomorrow I am looking forward to: A day off!? Follow me at: Twitter: @DivaHollands Instragram: @divahollands Tumblr: divahollands.tumblr.com

Lots of Love Bodysuit