Remember jewellery designer Steven Shein who bought us those amazing Argyle Bangles of many colours? Well he's back with more designs that are guaranteed to send tongues wagging in the right direction. All of these designs have been intricately handcrafted by the Shein team all the way from Los Angeles just for you. Prepare to go WOW. This triangle isn't any triangle oh no, it is covered in engraved silver flecks handcrafted from laser cut plexi-glass and wood. Bring a touch of class to any outfit with this handcrafted bow tie that sits on a 14kt gold chain that you can adjust to 4 different lengths. Perfecto! Ever wondered what would happen if you said YES to everything? Well now you can try it out this this necklace. The pendant has been handcrafted and the text is etched and painted into the plexi for maximum brightness and texture. Oh yes!

Go totally bling with these Yes and No rings saving you from ever having to open your mouth again.

The front of each ring has been laser cut from birch and filled with acrylic gold paint making it look oh so shiny.

Life is full of contradictions which is why we have these Bad and Rad rings to cover all eventualities!

Looking for the ultimate piece of arm candy? Well here is your answer; these cosmic coloured square bangles ready to bring a touch of magic to any lonely arm.

Can't believe your eyes? Well then why not get a taste of the rainbow and bring some Steven Shein into your life.