And the winners are.......

And the winners are.......

My oh my we are seriously overwhelmed by the excellent response rate to our Burger competition and boy are we impressed with the great effort you all put into your answers. We are delighted that there are just so many burger fans out there.

So after a lot of thorough reading this weekend, us Oaf's have finally managed to pick our favourite 3.

The winners of our last ever burger hats are:


Oh Burger Hat,
how your meat is caressed by two loving buns of sesame seed,
for it is you i need,
with your compliments of tomato and cheese,
held lovingly together by just a squeeze.
My head to you is like the lettuce,
not necessary but people get us.
To have you wrapped around my brow,
i can think of no better way to wear a cow.

Oh Burger Hat,
The calories of your tasty meat,
would make me look nice and sweet,
You would never leave my ginger hair,
due to your knitted, quirky flair!!!!!


The tale of why my head needs this hat is indeed a sad one:

Despite attempts at drastically grasping on to my youth; the mid-twenties are now in full swing, along with the onslaught of grey bits in my lovely hair.

Do I buy ‘Just For Men’? The fella on the box is at least 45. Do I pretend it’s an intentional flash of colour? Do I shave it all off and let everyone see my weird lumpy head?

Or do I rock the burger and focus the attention how profusely badass I am?

Help me out here dudes! You know what to do!

Kris xo

And finally Jen:
My head needs this hat so I can match my cat!

So there we have it - 3 hungry hats going to 3 happy homes.

A big thank you to everyone who entered.

Lazy Oaf x