Autumn '13 Picks: Shevone

Autumn '13 Picks: Shevone

To finish off week two of our staff picks we have our Wholesale Manager Shevone Bliss letting us know what she is wearing from our new range. Shevone picks the Bobby Shirt, she's just sat down to a fish finger sandwich.


What are you wearing from our Autumn '13 collection?

I am wearing the Bobby Shirt as I love a good oversized shirt and it is black - double win!I also have just got the FUN and LAZY rings on today. I love all the Lazy Oaf jewels but these two are my favs.

Other than being our Wholesale Manager, what is your role within the Lazy Oaf office? 

I am the muscles behind the operation. I get stuck in with the deliveries and can stack/balance boxes as high as the ceiling. If there is a free space in the studio, I'll fill it with boxes!

It's Friday! Have you got that Friday feeling?

Oh yes indeed! I am off to the pub now to celebrate with a Fish Finger Sandwich!

What was the last thing you 'liked' on Facebook?

Oh, I honestly can not remember. I don't go on Facebook much! I think it may have been something about the impending doom/or joy of Christmas.....Holidays Are A-Coming :)

Retailer Curry's made a graduate perform the David Brent Dance in a recent job interview, what dance move would you pull out if put on the spot?

Firstly, what the hell? Really! If I was asked to do this I would do the MC Hammer shuffle mixed with a classic Carlton Dance moves.....I would totally get the job, yes?!

You're hired.