Autumn '13 Staff Picks: Alex

Autumn '13 Staff Picks: Alex

Round two of our Autumn '13 staff picks comes from our Website and Creative Project and Manager Alex Jackson. Alex is wearing the Black In Da Hood Jacket with the Kitty Hoop Earrings. She is not a fan of selfies.


What are you wearing from Autumn '13?

I am wearing the In Da Hood Jacket - anything black from Lazy Oaf is on my list :) The hood is also very good for hiding!

Other than being our Website and Creative Project Manager, what role do you play within the Lazy Oaf office?

Doggy advice aunt, the team goth and jelly sweet enthusiast.

What's the most challenging thing you've had to do today?

Trying to get my lazy French bulldog out of bed to have a wee. It's harder said than done and involves a lot of Bonios.

Who was your last email from?

Charlie hood from Beach London asking if we wanted to stock their rad 'I Probably Hate You' scarves. I said maybe.

This week the word Selfie got added to the dictionary. What is your opinion on people who take lots of selfies?

Big headed prats.