Autumn '13 Staff Picks: Gemma

Autumn '13 Staff Picks: Gemma

We're ending week one of our Autumn '13 staff picks with our one and only Designer, Company Director and Lazy Oaf Creator Gemma Shiel. Gemma picks the Pom Bomb Shirt, she had her photo taken with her fuzzy grey Miniature Schnauzer Bob. BOB-DOGS

What are you wearing from Autumn '13?

I am wearing the Pom Bomb Shirt AKA the Gemma shirt, my favourite.

Other than being our Company Creator, Director and Designer, what role do you play within the Lazy Oaf office?

Is that not enough?! I am constantly unsubscribing from spam emails and I also manage the queues for bob cuddles and strokes.

What is has been your biggest achievement today?

Apart from replying to over 400 emails about a job, today has not been mega successful; I am trying to sketch ideas for AW14. So far I have written "HATE SPORT".

What was the last photo you uploaded onto Instagram of?

It is normally photo's of Bob but today was a photo of my new Mickey Mouse Vans.

What are your thoughts on the Rolf Harris scandal?

He touched me in a different place. I love Rolf Harris and I wanted to be in his cartoon club real bad. Can't quite believe it. Rolfaroo was a bit creepy.

Now it's your turn Bob dog, how's it hanging?

Not bad thanks. times are good.

Have you made any nice friends down the park today?

Yeah made loads. there was big Bob, Alfie and Ollie. We wrestled a bit and then I got distracted by a decapitated bird I found in a hedge. I am meeting my bestie Arthur tonight for a run about.

It was in the news this week that some dogs are good at yoga, how are you at the downward dog?

Are you taking the piss? I invented that move! The best one is the doggy tummy rub position, that is my favourite one.