Autumn '13 Staff Picks: Jerry

Autumn '13 Staff Picks: Jerry

We're beginning the week by letting you know what our Press and Marketing Manager Jerry O'Sullivan is choosing to wear from our Autumn collection. Jerry picks the Winging It Top and Bear Bobble Hat. She is pleased Sharon is back on the X Factor panel.


What are you wearing from Autumn ’13?

I am wearing the Winging It Top - a guy once told me that I would never suit a turtle neck and since then I have purchased three just to prove him wrong. I like this one because it has a lazy cherub on it. I am also wearing the Bear Bobble Hat, I love the double bobbles, it reminds me of hats my mum knitted when I was younger.

Other than being our Press and Marketing Manager, what role do you play within the Lazy Oaf office?

Last year I was given the roll of designated Christmas Party Organiser. While we had a nice night, we ate too much, got tired and were in bed by midnight. This year I want to up the anti and have people dancing on tables spilling drinks by 9pm.

What are you most looking forward to doing at work this week?

I am putting together our new winter lookbooks this week which I am excited about. We have worked with some amazing photographers and models so I am looking forward to seeing it all come together.

What was the last thing you purchased?

Other than today's lunch, I bought a washing up brush and sponge in a shark holder from Tiger for my home kitchen. It only cost £4 and it means I get to inflict my shark passion onto my housemates one room at a time.

X Factor came back on our screens this weekend, are you watching it?

I told myself I didn't want to get sucked in but last night I watched the first two episodes back-to-back. I am really glad Sharon Osbourne is back on the panel, it's good to have someone a bit more relaxed and funny plus she brings out the best in Louis, my all time fave.