Behind The Scenes: Summer '13

Behind The Scenes: Summer '13

With our brand new summer collection hitting the shelves at the end of this week, today we want to show you what went on behind the scenes of our Summer Women's Lookbook captured amongst the sunny streets and sunsets of LA's Venice Beach. We teamed up once again with photographer Viktor Vauthier and also film maker Brian Kazez to shoot US girls Aarika and Kelsey. The dreamy Californian setting made the perfect backdrop for our new girls collection which is packed with tie dye, acid wash, tropical fruits and floating shapes.

Brian took to two wheeled transport to film Aarika in our Ponies in Space Leggings.

Kelsey got to sample bubblegum ice cream whilst posing in our Pink Panther Crop T-shirt. We also loved her vintage polka dot dress that she wore with NB's and our Lots of Love Baseball Cap.

Aarika took to the beach in the Lots of Love Bodysuit.

From left to right we have Jerry in Dead Beats, Make-Up artist Alysha Marcantonio, Viktor Vauthier in the Fun Dress, Gemma in the Mr and Mrs Dress and Lots of Love Cap, Aarika in the Lots of Love Bodysuit, Kelsey in the Ponies in Space Bodysuit and Brian Kazez.