Cross My Bones

Cross My Bones

Oooo aaaarrrr me hearties! We do love a good cross here at Lazy Oaf but what's even better is a Cross Bone!

So whether you want to fight like a pirate or act like you're in the Flinstone family, this new slob T-shirt is the one to do it in.

Never is there more pressure to dress to impress than in the run up to Christmas. But if fancy velvet dresses and tiaras aren't your thang then why not play cheat and get one of these Tuxedo T-shirts instead?

This tee proves it is possible to be slob and still look smart!

Or why not look instantly dapper by throwing on this Tuxedo sweater dress which comes equipped with an all important pair of pockets to dig your hands into. Perfect for sneaking away treats from the dessert table.