Drawing Club Presents: Andrew Groves

Drawing Club Presents: Andrew Groves

Step into the world of Andrew Groves.

Drawing genius Andrew Groves is the talent behind I Make Things. With a particular fascination with all things triangular, Andrew creates creatures and beasts that are beyond anything you'd find in a fairytale book. His illustrations can be found in many formats including skate boards, screen savers and magazines with clients including London Fashion Week, Kitsune Noir and Foundation Skateboards. We were particularly drawn to the hand painted deck he created for a Contributor 'Smile on your Brother' exhibiton.

Double Head / Giant Hand.

Crystal of Wisdom (available as a poster here)

Now you can wear one of Andrew's creature creations on your T-shirt with his Drawing Club contribution.

You can see more of Andrew's work at www.imakethings.co.uk and his T-shirt is available online now.