Have you ever, ever felt like this?

Have you ever, ever felt like this?

Last week asked you to tell us what your favourite TV Blasts from the Past were to be in with chance of winning one of our new TV Planners and you certainly pulled some treats out of the wood work. While we were excited for SuperTed and tempted by Clarissa Explains it All, we finally managed to pick our favourite three entries so here they are.


'I don’t think I’ve ever seen a programme as good as Round the Twist which is best for capturing the absurdidty and insanity of childhood. Evidently, they live an unusual life but only in terms of events. In terms of how they think etc they are exactly like normal children but thrown into these crazy situations.

Plus, I remember one episode when Pete got pregnant from weeing on a tree. He had to burp the kid out. Please tell me anything better than that.'

Unfortunately we couldn't locate this particular episode so we have chosen a clip from our most memorable one: Little Squirt. If you get a chance, we recommend you check out all three parts of the episode to appreciate the utter obscurity and brilliance of this insane television programme. No wonder why I don't find much TV funny these days. ROB: WONDERS YEARS

'THE WONDER YEARS, who could forget!'

Couldn't have said it better ourselves Rob, what series could get us more gripped than the will they/won't they relationship between Kevin and Winnie? Plus we have loved following the career of Fred Savage since - who forget him and his mole in Austin Powers?


'My favourite TV blast from the past has to be The Crystal Maze. Richard O’Briens skinny spandex clad legs cause me to chuckle in a way that could only be described as ‘manic’. Not only that My Mam (Yep I’m from Newcastle!) has a chandelier that has a Crystal ‘Ball’ hanging from it. As a child I can remember climbing up on the sofa to grasp at the precious ball, if only to be a ‘winner’ for a few moments!

Crystal Maze, I salute you!'

Of course the best part of the show was this:

Well done Hatty, Rob and Laura - you are all going to be owners of your very own TV Planners ready to record all of your television favourites for ever more. Thanks to all of you who entered and keep your eyes peeled for more competitions on their way soon.