I'm Always Dressed to KILL!

I'm Always Dressed to KILL!

If there is one year you should really go wild with your Halloween costume then it should definitely be this one which is why we are inviting you all down to our shop on Saturday 31st October (the day itself) to dress up proper creepy! Yes we have raided our dressing up boxes and all the best fancy dress shops to get our hands on a whole array of frightful props and accessories for you to be papped in. So come down to our shop between 11-7pm, horror yourself up and we'll take a frightening photograph of you dressed to kill. Shevone, Gemma and Jerry from team Oaf got themselves spooked up and freaked out to show you what we've got in store for you on Saturday.

BATS Bite the head off a bat Ozzy Osborne style with our plastic fantastic winged creepies. Check out the fabulously fang-tastic bat hairband.


Fear not fellow arachnophobics, there won't be any real 8 legged crawlies at this event, just velvet ones with glittered legs. And don't calling 999!!! This isn't a real knife going through Shevone's head nuh huh, this is a genius hairband and is the perfect way to play a devilish trick on all your pals.


Our shop party maybe in the day but it really will turn into a thriller night when you lay down in our very own coffin. Finally you can find out what it really feels like to be a vampire just like Edward Cullen (OK we know he doesn't sleep in one but still!!) So if these photos haven't made you want to give up all your Saturday plans then we don't know what will! To find out all the other treats and tricks we have in store please see our Facebook event page. Be prepared to FREAK OUT! x