Internet Girl

Internet Girl

Meet Bella McFadden aka "Internet Girl"€, the 22-year-old serving up some killer style inspo (who you probably already recognise from Instagram). More than just an ‘internet personality, Bella also runs a successful business selling vintage clothes on Depop (with a following of over 400k) and has recently launched her own online store We grilled Bella on everything from her 90'€™s and noughties nostalgia-tinged style and the importance of appreciating the obscure: to how to nail vintage shopping like a pro and what it really takes to run your own online business.

Bella shot her favourite pieces from our Winter collection at a deserted water theme park in her hometown of Manitoba, Canada.

Photography by Nina Caputo, Hair and Make Up by Jaycee Delorme

Hey Bella! First off, how did "Internet Girl" start on social media?

Internet Girl was initially created from the depths of my seventeen-year-old brain. Back then I was mainly using Instagram and Tumblr.

How did you get into start selling clothes online? Have you always wanted to have your own business?

I started selling clothes online around the same time I started Internet Girl, so it was sort of inevitable I'd end up where I am now. 

I started my first clothing brand in senior year of high school where I would re sell vintage, and I actually manufactured a few cheerleading outfits that said "WITCH" on the chest!

Fun fact! I was not always convinced I was going to be dedicated to the career I am focused on now. For a period of time in high school I would tell my classmates that I wanted to be the next "Rob Zombie", in which I attended university for two years with a minor in film.


Talk us through a normal day in the life of a 22-year-old running their own clothing business?

Sheesh, I could not even begin to graze the surface of everything I do in the matter of one day. Running your own business means you have to take on many roles.

On an average day, I wake up, gobble down a coffee, going through our daily agenda with my assistant, get our parcels out, style new looks, hunt down new models, respond to emails, answer customer service questions, and then try to squeeze in a Netflix Original episode by the end of the day.

Who/ what inspires you?

Early 2000s Bratz Dolls

How would you describe your signature style?

I couldn't pinpoint a signature style because I feel that I change my look on the daily, based on my current mood. But I aim to make you appreciate the obscure.

The majority of the stuff you sell on Depop is from the 90’s and 00’s – what is it about that era that speaks to you?

Honestly, I am just obsessed with the fashion during those periods. I am constantly watching re runs of 90s and early 00s films for inspiration, its just where my passion lies. Everything from the plaid blazers in the 1990s to the low-rise corset jeans in the early 00s, I'm all about it.

You’re from Canada, but have also lived in Arizona in the US - where do you find the best vintage stock?

I could not compare the two locations because they are both so spectacular for second hand gems, in their own way.

For example, in Arizona I will find biker babe realness like; Harley Davidson tank tops, ripped jeans, tube tops and chain belt galore. While in Canada I find the BEST faux furs and platform boots in North America.

It's a major blessing that I am able to travel between these two locations, and get a total variety in my stock.

Is there a knack to finding vintage gold, sifting through thrift shops? Do you have to be methodical about it?

The best advice I can give to an ambitious thrifter is PATIENCE. Set the time aside to look through every single item when you walk into a thrift store. On average it takes me 3 hours to raid an entire second hand store, and walk out with an entire cart full. Be precise, and do your research on those vintage brands as well!

What’s next for the Internet Girl empire?

Well we hope to be working with Lazy Oaf A LOT more! And... Currently we are focusing on dropping our new original designs. Stay tuned on our brand IG and my personal IG for any info on upcoming drops!

Follow Bella on Instagram and Depop @internetgirl

Tell us about is our newest project, in which we are only releasing new old stock inventory from our favorite eras, and our original designs.

Even though our original creations are based on our favorite vintage finds, we won't actually be carrying any pre loved items on our website. Right now our only original design available on the site is the iGirl necklace, which was inspired by the iconic Tiffany charm necklace we all wore in middle school.

What’s the best thing about being your own boss?

I can be creative on my own terms.

What 3 things couldn’t you live without?

My iPhone, noodle soup and baby goats.

What’s your favourite thing on the internet right now?


What would you do if you weren't a badass-boss-entrepreneur?

I'd definitely pursue a career in film. Art direction would be cool, definitely something behind the scenes.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to use their creative passion to start their own business?

Please follow your passion, wherever it lies follow it. No matter if your family agrees or not. This is your life and don’t make decisions out of feeling bad, I did that for too long.