Lazy Oaf x Small Feet Big Kicks

Lazy Oaf x Small Feet Big Kicks

This month we've teamed up online trainer store Small Feet Big Kicks to be part of their latest look book starring founder Jess Gavigan aka Juice Gee and musician Kitty Cowell. We have been following the girls style for some time now via Kitty's blog The Unisex Mode and Jess' Instragram and through meeting them at various Lazy Oaf parties so were keen to find out more about what they like wearing. We chatted to the duo about why girls look great in menswear, why men should never wear bad shoes and why they'd never be seen in Crocs. Photography: A D Vaughan; Tees & Shoes: Small Feet Big Kicks; Socks, leggings and dresses: Lazy Oaf!

Kitty wears Skull Leggings with Snazarama Socks, Juice wears Bones Leggings with Jazzy Socks.

Do you prefer menswear or womenswear? JUICE: Menswear definitely! Although I like the wider variety of styles womenswear has. I'm a bit of a tomboy myself so I've always been more into baggy styles and sportswear. KITTY: Menswear - I am just always drawn to good tailoring and oversized fits. I think it's more attractive if a girl can look pretty in menswear rather than a skimpy outfit. I  love womenswear too, I wear dresses and skirts often, I just like the juxtaposition of something girly mixed with something masculine. Unisex dressing is becoming more and more popular, why do you think that is? K: Because street wear has taken off and girls want to be involved and very few street wear brands cater for girls; so girls have just found ways to switch it up and wear guys street wear. Also it's retro, we're all really into the 80s/ 90s style and oversized clothing was so big then. J: I think that the swapping of gender roles has been a slow but steady change over the last few years. In the last year there has been a real change in the streetwear scene as it's more acceptable for girls to dress like boys and vice versa. Well, maybe not more acceptable but at least more accessible!

Kitty Socks

Would you forgive a guy who wore bad shoes? J: No! Haha as shallow as it is...As I'm so in to my trainers if a guy wasn't on point with his shoe game it's a serious thumbs down from me! Even if the outfit and everything else is on point, if the kicks aren't....well yeah! Would really be a case of me schooling in what's good and bad. K: It's really hard to say yes because I just think if a guy has terrible shoes we just will argue about it haha! But bad shoes I can deal with, just not terrible!

Juice wears Mr & Mrs Dress, Kitty wears Scribble Cutout Dress

How many pairs of trainers do you own? K: I probably have about 35 pairs of good ones in all. But that's not including shoes! I like footwear in general. You can't call me a sneaker head with 35 pairs but if I had the money I would have a lot more. I just focus on the right ones, the deadstock, the stuff that's hard to find in small sizes and the stuff other people don't always cop like Reebok's, I love Reebok. J: Just over 200 pairs!

Cat Leggings with Pineapple Socks.

What is the most extreme lengths you have gone to get your hands on a pair of trainers you want? J: I don't really go out of my way to get shoes! I queued up for the Liberty x Nike release one time for a couple of hours but that's it really. K: Welllll I live for outlet stores! I used to live in South Wales where there are two awesome outlets with Nike and Vans and sports stores for other brands. Since I moved away I've been known just to drive back 3 hours to go on a spree. I found 2010 infrared air 180s in my perfect size 5.5 for £30. Do you know how great that is?!! Who's the best dressed person you know? J: Ummm that's a tough one! Kitty obvs has sick style. Maria Maleh AKA Maria Pizzeria is a cool gyal! My business partner INDIGOKI also has cool style it's plain but on point, good jeans, sick jackets and a sick trainer collection! K: I should say my mum and dad because they are very well dressed and ex 'rag trade' as they call it. So style is in their veins. Juice Gee dresses great obviously and my old Size? Crew in Carnaby Street just have so many well dressed heads. I don't know them personally (yet!) but I think Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani dress amazing. What would you never be seen dead wearing? K: Uggs and Crocs! Ugg slippers are different - but out the house. NO. J: I'm up for trying anything tbh! My style is generally an eclectic mix of stuff that most wouldn't wear anyway. I guess if I had to pick off the top of my head CROCS!

Kitty wears Flower Patch Leggings & Pineapple Socks.

If you had to condense your wardrobe into 5 staple items, what would you choose? J: 1. Parra x Nike varsity jacket; 2. Rockwell by Parra shorts; 3. Furry Kangol bucket hat; 4.  Nikita geometric oversized top; 5. Lazy Oaf oversized jumper (in Ikea video) K: 1. Black Vans sk8 hi (always start with footwear); 2. A pair of Lazy Oaf Leggings probably the Bones ones; 3. Milk Crate x Ed Banger 'cool cats' tee; 4. NYC Rockers black 6 panel cap; 5.Vintage varsity jacket. Is there one thing you have always wanted but have never been able to find? K: I've been looking for the perfect black varsity jacket for ages. A pair of the perfect black Jordan's in a 5.5, and not just any Jordan. Do you remember the band Test Icicles? Well I wanted their T-shirt but it was sold out everywhere so someone made some for me. There's always something. J: Many many trainers in my size, it's the story of my life! JEANS THAT ACTUALLY FIT!!