Let's Face the Music and Draw

Let's Face the Music and Draw

Yesterday, Lazy Oaf packed up over 800 sheets of coloured paper, surplus boxes of pens and handmade, primary coloured letters into our Vaneo and headed on down at the crack of dawn to London's Tate Modern to set up for our biggest live drawing event to date; Let's Face It. Taking over the upstairs area of the Turbine Hall, we covered a board and the wall with paper frames ready for all of you to fill with your own lovely mugs. And, as the photos in this blog reveal, you lot really did pull out all of the stops in producing some very impressive, inspiring self portraits.

Tate asked us to put on the event to celebrate the launch of our limited edition collection within their stores which took pride of place at the front of the drawing extravaganza.

Live drawing from some of our favourite London illustrators operated throughout the day starting with Ian Stevenson's long face and pencil face that he whizzed up before our eyes in a matter of moments.

Joe Baglow went wild with a pencil to bring us this giant Batman drawing.

Zeroten created a series of A5 self portraits using his signature collage technique.

Our very own designer Gemma Shiel worked her drawing magic on this uncanny self portrait featuring the Tourist T-shirt.

Many of you came along throughout the day to bring us your very own interpretations of self portraits, working both on the walls and floor on every shade of paper imaginable.

As the day went on, people got more and more creative and even used the paper to make a rocket.

A couple of international artists who couldn't make it along submitted their own self portraits to be included - on the left hand side you can see Esteso's contribution.

On the right hand side you can see Benjamin's Luke Skywalker and coincidentally, the man himself showed up to the event. Yes, we had an unexpected visit from actor Ewan McGregor who drew a castle.

Some sneaky artist even managed to get their art work on the walls of the hall.

May we say a HUGE big thank you to everyone who came along and was involved in the Let's Face It event - we had an top drawing day and couldn't get enough of all of your work. Thanks to Jess Turnball from Tate Modern who organised the event for us, Inspire Me Papers for the GF Smith paper, Uni-ball's Posca for the pens, Ian Stevenson, Zeroten, Joe Baglow and Peter Kent who shot the video coming soon. Be excited.

More photos from the event will be up on our Facebook fan page tomorrow.