love you x

love you x hello, We have just announced ourselves as posties for the valentines festivities. We have designed four new cards that we can send on your behalf to that special bit of stuff you have had your eye on. And if there is no one on the scene at the mo, you could always send it to yourself and make all your friends sick with envy. Simply click the image above and it will take you to the shop page! Here you will see the new cards which includes designs such as 'I like you nearly as much as crisps' and 'I fancy you idiot head'. As you go through the checkout process you can leave your personal greeting in the comments box. We will then send it on your behalf, anonymously or not, it's up to you! All orders for the cards must be received before midnight on Monday the 13th of Feb. They will then all be sent first class on Tuesday morning in time for Valentines day. thanks Lazy OAf x