Meet the Maker: Georgia from Ohros

We worked in collaboration with East London based Georgia, of Ohros candles, to nail two perfect custom Lazy Oaf scents. All made from 100% soy wax, essential oils and fragrances, natural unwaxed wicks and recycled packaging...

Please introduce yourself…

Hello! My name is Georgia, I run Ohros from my studio in Hackney, London. Since 2016, I have hand made scented soy candles and diffusers, everything from the wick to the label is done here! Everything is cruelty-free and vegan, always. Ohros started as a hobby project and a couple of months ago, I went full-time candle which is amazing. Our homes are our sanctuaries and it makes me so happy knowing something I make brings something calming to their space.

How did you get into candle making?

Ohros was a ‘side hustle' for a long time. I was an Excel wizard for a few years and needed a creative outlet. I'd tried floristry and pottery (both of which I loved!) and somehow fell into it. It took me months before I sold a candle though. My aim was to make something for me initially but I had accumulated so many, AND was available so it was fate really.

Meet the Maker: Georgia from Ohros

What goes into making a ‘nice’ smelling candle?

Trial and error!!! I have made some absolute disasters. Scent is extremely subjective, much like taste. Some people want the benefits of essential oils, others prefer more subtle fragrances, others really love sweeter scents. I use either fragrances or essential oils, the blend is a bit scientific to get it right but once it’s tested, tweaked and perfected, we’re in! :)

Have you had any unusual requests when it’s come to creating a signature scent?

Always, I've been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands and people. A couple of years ago I worked on some milkshake flavours for Vurger, which are amazing, they were super fun. I’ve recently been developing one that is reminiscent of a xmas hot drink for a collab with a YouTuber that I’m really excited about. I often get asked for food scents because they make us feel things, they evoke memories. Creating Lazy Morning for Lazy Oaf was a fun one but I really do love The Posh One! It’s a perfect gift.

Meet the Maker: Georgia from Ohros Meet the Maker: Georgia from Ohros

Smell is so subjective & personal, any tips of selecting your signature smell?

Smell is heavily linked to memory and our subconscious mind. I really encourage people to smell things without reading the label, I know it sounds a bit rogue but when I’m at a market, 99% of customers will read the label before smelling but sometimes scents can surprise us. For example, at my candle making classes - so many people choose to make tomato based candles because they love it but none of them would have gone to class expecting or wanting to make a tomato scent!

What are your top scent combinations?

Scent is SO! personal. I only make scents I like! So I very rarely, if ever, work with florals. Typically, I love Earthy/Woody or Fresh scents. Amber and Bergamot has always been a favourite since day one but I love Sandalwood and Musk. It’s timeless.

Meet the Maker: Georgia from Ohros Meet the Maker: Georgia from Ohros Meet the Maker: Georgia from Ohros

What’s a fact about making candles that we’d find surprising?

Temperature is a candlemaker's best friend and worst enemy. In peak summer, it’s really tricky to manage the temperatures but that’s when I prep for xmas!

What does a typical day in your life look like?

I’m up around 8am, I find simple pleasures in a morning routine so I have coffee and then I walk through a beautiful park to the studio. I usually pick up orders and post them straight away but every day is different, some days are making days, order packing days, or cleaning and labelling days. Every day there’s a delivery of some kind. Some days I finish at 5, others at 8pm. It’s important to find some form of balance; social, exercise, sleep, nature, good food! Wholesome living is the key!

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Meet the Maker: Georgia from Ohros Meet the Maker: Georgia from Ohros