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Oaf Drawing Club
Oaf Drawing Club

Lazy Oaf’s heart beat is creativity, we were created from the need to draw and make things. As the brand edges towards its 20th birthday in 2021 it has had nearly 20 years of creative workshops, working with artists, coming up with dumb ideas that become something brilliant, one of these was our drawing club. A bi-monthly event where we invited people to turn up, we set a brief and asked our community to draw as we all drank beer, listened to music and got busy with pens. There was no judgment on how well or not so well you did this, but about getting together and creating something, we even did one in the Tate Modern.

We have a long and varied connection with mental health and how creativity has helped us and brought our community closer together, we thought we would try a virtual version of our Drawing Club.

You can watch our unpolished attempt at this and have a go here

Important to know that this is not about how good you are at drawing this is the opposite of that, we are asking you to take some time out, and get creative.

We encourage you to take part in our session hosted by Gemma Shiel as she creates a growing still life. This session is built for everyone, it’s not about getting it perfect, it’s about taking some time out, engage your brain in something different, get messy, make mistakes, get focussed and get that dopamine pumping.

What do you need to give it a go:

Access to a screen and IGTV. Paper and something to draw with, this can be anything, even a biro. It is fun to mix it up though, paint, felt tips, charcoal or baby bell wax!

This will be a mess and we can’t wait to see what you do, tag us #oafdrawingclub.

Oaf Drawing Club
Oaf Drawing Club

We want to see your creations!