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OOPS with Theresa Davies
OOPS with Theresa Davies

OOPS with Theresa Davies

What was your creative process for creating your OOPS looks?
I wanted to look at this project as a freedom of expression, no judgement. I wanted to create looks that make you look twice because something’s ‘not right.’ I wanted people to think Oops is that meant to be upside down? Oh those nails shouldn’t be there? Is that a happy or sad face? Who knows, but I like it!

How do you use mistakes to your advantage when it comes to your work?
Sometimes the best things can come from mistakes, I think beauty isn’t always in perfection, it’s good to be free and open to what mistakes can sometimes add to a look, but also pushing your look by making a purposeful “mistake” like using nails as an eyeliner, Who said you can’t?

OOPS with Theresa Davies
OOPS with Theresa Davies

We’d love to steal some of your insider knowledge…

What’s your favourite current beauty trend?
The freedom to express! Makeup has always been exciting, but more people are becoming experimental and breaking the rules, it’s exciting to see!

What’s your favourite 90s / 00s beauty trend you’d love to come back in?
Tons of Lipgloss!
I loved it then, I love it now, and I think I’ll still be rocking it when I’m old!

We’re all dying to do you get the perfect winged eyeliner?
I like to use tape to create a really sharp and crisp outer corner! It also means you can get them even on both sides before you go in with your colour! But if not just make sure you use the brush to your advantage use the point and the straight edge to create the shape, and have confidence!

OOPS with Theresa Davies
OOPS with Theresa Davies

How can you fake the look of a good night's sleep?
A good eye mask!

What are your top 3 makeup bag essentials?
In my personal bag at the moment I’m obsessing over the following:
Gucci beauty bronzer, for start the packaging is epic! But also the tones are great and they are quite lightweight! Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood flawless filter, it’s the best for when you want a glow but no makeup! Or a great base for underneath your foundation for a flawless finish. Fenty Beauty killawatt highlighter, I never used to wear highlighter but now I’m obsessed with this one! It looks so natural but is also very buildable, plus it lasts!

What are your makeup / skin care tips for when you’re wearing a mask?
Cleanse after use of masks and try and keep that area clean of makeup, otherwise your likely to have break out around your mouth.