See You Next Tuesday : Drizzy skies, forbidden fruits & green screen wolves

See You Next Tuesday : Drizzy skies, forbidden fruits & green screen wolves

Every Tuesday we curate the weird and interesting topics that have got our studio talking recently. This week we're getting the tropical blues and drooling over more Oreo flavours than the mind can boggle... 

1. INTERNET SENSATION Drake Weather Excuse the pun, but really nothing was the same once we discovered the slickest weather reporter ever Drake Weather. The new website reworks Kadir Nelson’s iconic blue sky cover art into a location detecting, online oracle of temperature change . You’ll be practically begging the sky to make it rain, just so you can get Drizzy on the case. Hold on we’re going home….I forgot my umbrella.

2. WINDOW SHOPPING Club Tropicana Here’s a riddle … What’s blue, spiky and totally inedible? A polyresin pineapple that’s what! This tropical statement ornament is the brainchild of homeware designer Madison + Montana. With collections inspired by summer road trips, skulls and Aztec prints, show your shelves some love this new season, not just your wardrobe.

3. FOOD FAVE Taking the biscuit Our wholesale dream team Shevone and Faye have just got back from a tradeshow marathon, taking in Berlin, Paris, and last but not least Capsule NYC. A trip to the big apple means one thing in this studio…Oreos!  Peanut butter, mint, cookies ‘n’ crème , how did we live without you ? Looks like we’ll have to satisfy our cravings at London’s Cyber Candy  from now on, sugary space here we come !

 4. MEDIA MATTERS Green Screen Magic Incase you haven’t heard already (yeah right!) there’s a certain big bad wolf tearing up cinema screens around the world. Only two things steal the show from Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in the Wolf of Wall Street…Jonah Hills buck teeth, and the incredibly glamorous backdrops. Before you get serious location envy, watch this video by visual effects geniuses Brainstorm Digital. It seems all that glitters is not gold, its actually green screen.