Tokyo Tours with Yukika

Tokyo Tours with Yukika

Today we're excited to introduce you to our latest illustrator icon and the queen of collages Yukika all the way from Tokyo. A zine maker, editor, fashion illustrator and self confessed 'washed up mermaid', Yukika hand-makes beautifully detailed zines, books and jewellery pieces inspired by her favourite muses and crushes. We spent a sunny Sunday morning hanging out with her in the candy coloured setting of Bettie's Club, the super cool celebrity hair salon in Harajuku. Whilst browsing through her zines in the pink parlour, we chatted to Yukika about her heroes, heart throbs and life in Tokyo v.s London. ---------------------

We love your work! What are your inspirations?

Thank you! Hmm I get inspirations from music, film, magazines, Instagram, and people around me. So everything really!

Your work has a really dreamy, girlie feel to it. Who are your girl heroes?

My girl hero is definitely the Swedish photographer Arvida Bystrm!!! Also Petite Meller, Sky Ferreira & Courtney Love.

You live in Tokyo but studied in London - what are your favourite things about both cities?

Tokyo - Food in Japan is amazing. We also have crazy cultures such as Prikura, Harajuku girls etc... You can't find a crazy city like Tokyo anywhere else in the world.

London - I love fashion in London (everyone has different style.) Then drinking cider at the pub, free gigs, vintage clothes shop in East London, Rough Trade and Primrose Hill Bakery's cupcakes.

What do you miss most about London?

I miss my friends in London!!! I wanna go back to Central Saint Martins.

Who's your biggest crush right now?

Oscar Pollock from Sundara Karma

You've just finished working at our Tokyo pop-up store but how did you first discover Lazy Oaf?

My friend took me to Lazy Oaf store on Carnaby Street when I visited London for the first time and I fell in love with your collections and the Lazy Oaf world!

What is your most treasured possession?

My zine collection.

What are you working on at the moment?

I'm working on my new zine "I'll never fall in love with the French guy."

I broke up with a French boy recently and I made this zine. It includes a playlist of my ex's favourite songs, my collages and styling photos.

I will sell this zine at my exhibition "awesome planets" on 7th Nov.


Get lost in the endless pastels and nineties nostalgia of Yukika's Instagram at @xoxozac and pick up limited pieces of her work at