Weirdest Possessions

Weirdest Possessions

From baby teeth bracelets to baked beans with human faces; we asked you to share your weirdest possessions with us, and we haven't stopped thinking about them since... Here are some of our favourites


A t-shirt with  Nicolas Cage's face on it and the writing above saying John Travolta



A viagra shaped paper weight



Mrs Lumps


Tin of crispy baby clams


A life size cardboard cut out of Nicholas Cage


A bank of England lockbox, c.1920s without a key and something rattling around in it…


A gold replica of James Bond’s gun


A pair of Elton John’s shoes


This Phil & Grant t-shirt


A dolls house sized henry hoover - except it’s yellow and called patty


A life size zebra in my front room


A golden croissant on my bedside table which holds my condoms


Playing cards with cartoon moose having sex on the back from a Christmas store in Norway


A large Mcdonald’s fry encased in resin made into a lamp


A baked bean with a human face. (Dr. Phill that you??)


A cat lamp which you turn it on by tapping its balls