Who Let the Dogs Out?

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Posted by: Jerry

As notorious dog lovers here at Lazy Oaf HQ, we thought it was about time we devoted an entire blog to our favourite canine creatures. So read on and get ready to enter doggy heaven.

This weekend, on Sunday 14th November I had the pleasure of attending London's leading dog event Discover Dogs as part of The Kennel Club held in Earls Court Exhibition Hall, and man oh man did I do just that. Open to the general public, this annual event showcases 189 individual breeds of pedigree dogs and is the pawfect day out for any fellow dog lovers. With a different booth for every breed, I spent the majority of the day venturing around meeting and greeting breeds and their owners from far and wide. Although I count myself as a real dog fanatic, I was surprised at just how many amazing breeds out there that I'd never even heard of. So please join me in discovering dogs...

Afghan Hound - I had only ever seen the Barbie version of one of these dogs so it was certainly a treat to meet one in real life. Looking graceful in grey, this hounds glossy locks were the envy of all.

Eurasier - I had never heard of this particular breed of dog before but after meeting a group of incredibly friendly, furry, fluffy ones, I was most certainly  sold.

Saluki - this golden hound looked nothing short of mystical.

Tibetan Mastiff - who could say no to this teddy bear face?

Affenpinscher - this little scamp was having a good old scratch while his owner handed us a free rosette and dog themed word search.

Komondor - not so clear in the photo, this dreadlocked dog would give any Rastafarian a run for their money.

Shar Pei - Equally beautiful in its puppy and adult years, this dog goes down as one of my all time favourites. And, contrary to popular belief, its felt-like coat feels nothing like sand paper!

Bulldog - doing a sterling job at representing the nation.

Bullmastif - Weighing up to 16 stone, it is not surprising that Harry Potter's Hagrid chose one of these dogs to be his partner in crime.

Newfoundland - Looking beautiful in black, this giant furry pup slobbered just the way dogs should.

Chow Chow - with the face of a teddy bear, the temperament of a cat and a blue tongue, these Chinese descendants continue to be my favourite breed of dog.

Hungarian Vizsla - looking playful and perky with polished coats.

St. Bernard - The dog made famous by nineties film classic Beethoven was even bigger and better than I could have dreamed of. Meeting this fella was the highlight of the day and, judging by the crowd around his booth, I certainly wasn't alone.

Toy Poodle - With hairstyles to rival The Grinch's Cindy Lou, these Poodles do's did us proud.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier - taking a nap on his owners shoe after a very busy day.

French Bulldog - a favourite of team Oaf's Gemma and Alex, these beady eyed dogs were beyond cute.

After a chat with the breeders, Gemma learned that these are one of the laziest dogs out there - we knew there was a reason we liked them!

Bichon Frise - I almost didn't spot this fluffy pup disguised in his bed of sheep skin.

Akita - taking some much needed beauty sleep, not that they need it!

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizlsa - covering the walls of every booth were a series of animated photos showing off the breed and I was partiucarly taken with this happy chappy.

It is common knowledge that dogs like to get dressed up too which is why Discover Dogs is home to a whole selection of designer dog gear. Here you can see a Whippet getting kitted in a cosy sheepskin hoody from Designer Doggie Ltd. My sister Ellie bought a red fluffy number for our Shih-Tzu Pixie just in time for Christmas.

The show was also home to an enviable selection of fluffy dogs toys and biscuits that, at times, looked good enough to eat.

Who wouldn't feel proud giving their dog a walk with one of these rainbow coloured ropes?

And of course, there were plenty of goodies available for the owners too including ball point pens, car air fresheners and china replicas of every breed imaginable.

Could it get any better then this? I don't think so!

You can find out more about Discover Dogs on their website at www.discoverdogs.org.uk

We were also pleased and reassured to find out about The Pet Detectives, a service set up specifically to locate lost pets. Find out more at www.the petdetectives.com.