A New Year means NEW INTERNET CHAOS. And personally, we can’t wait. Whilst 2022 has already kicked off with some beef between Elmo and a pet rock, an influencer being likened to Maggie Thatcher, and Novax Djocovid almost getting booted out of Australia…we know that we’re just at the tip of the iceberg that will be this year’s www.shenanigans.com. There’s no doubt that we’re in for a wild ride of questionable fashion comebacks, spicy celebrity scandals and political turmoil that will have the meme machine churning harder than ever, but what will they be? We’re not quite sure. You lot, however, have your predictions. 

We asked for your pop culture predictions for 2022, and if you’re right, we’re in for quite the fucking year... 

1. Kim K and Pete Davidson will break up and we’ll all pretend to care for a few mins


2. Juicy Couture velour tracksuits with the rhinestones on the ass will be BACK and teens will be parading them about in shopping centres across the country


3. Emos will be everywhere again after R-Pattz debuts his moody ass performance of Batman in March


4. We’ll all get sucked into the Metaverse and Mark Zuckerberg will finally reveal his true identity as a Lizard Person


5. Olivia Rodrigo gets her driving licence removed for drink driving


6. Bo Jo will be ousted and replaced by a Y2K Baddie who will TikTok dance us to peace and prosperity


7. Jedward are going to make a comeback and we will all unironically enjoy it


8. Trisha Paytas and Moses will split up and we’ll all get to watch it unravel on her kitchen floor as she cries into a Chik-fil-A


9. Wireless earphones will become cheugy


10. Fluffy eyebrows OUT, pencil thin eyebrows IN.


11. Dream Matte Mousse will be *the* beauty product again and everyone will be rocking foundation lips


12. People will be playing with Tamagotchis on the tube


13. The return of the scene kid. Full on backcombed hair, bad extensions... the works


14. Quiffs are going to make a comeback and the fuccbois will be competing for the most gravity defying hair going