Bread and Bitte

Bread and Bitte

Last Tuesday myself (Jerry) and Katie dragged ourselves out of bed at the crack of dawn, headed down to Luton airport and hopped on a plane to Berlin to exhibit at the biannual trade show Bread and Butter. Now just about everyone had warned us that it would be freezing but nothing could have prepared us for the arctic conditions we were faced with. Fortunately we'd come prepared, and after kitting ourselves out with thermal underwear, massive jumpers, fur hats, self made leg warmers and two pairs of gloves; we were just about ready to brave the weather and get on with the show!

This seasons stand was designed by the magnificent Rosy Nicholas who hand crafted all of these multi-coloured faces ready to model our array of jewellery. If you recognise these chaps that is because they have previously starred in our shop window and were how we discovered our favourite Rosy Bear.

So why do we go to Bread and Butter you may ask? Well it is our chance to profile our latest collections to buyers and shop owners worldwide plus we get to meet lots of new, exciting people. Above you can see Katie hanging out with our stand neighbours Cheapo - the same brand who make those infamous talking watches (expect some exciting new things later this spring). Also see Katie with happy customer and good pal of the Oaf team Donald, owner of The Shirt Shop in Amsterdam who stock an array of our men's designs. We also got to catch up with the team at our fave french magazine WAD, the best of headphone and sunglasses designers Spitfire and one of our latest magazine crushes Cooler Mag.

One great thing about a show orientated around fashion brands are the unbelievable amount of photo opportunities! Here is me posing like a fool in front of some balloons to make Barbie proud at the WeAr Magazine stand.

No Lazy Oaf trip would be complete without some food recognition so here are two highlights. After getting up at 4am, traveling, getting cold, getting very lost finding the show, getting even colder and then putting up the stand, Katie and I were more than thrilled to be handed this massive burger at the saloon launch party. In fact I'd kill for one of those right this moment. One thing I love about Europe is the broader variety of Haribo they have on offer and Berlin did not disappoint. This little bag of jellied fruits kept us occupied for good one hour. Keep your eyes on the blog to find out what hidden gems we came across on our tourist trip around the city of Berlin. x