I Liked You

I Liked You

With Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and Blackberry's and iPhones, telling people where you are, what you're doing and who you've seen has never been so easy and fast. While we are not averse to this speedy way of spreading info, there is nothing we like doing more than a good bit of old fashioned reminiscing which is where these new note books from Archie Grand come in. These colourful, high quality pads are ready to be filled with in depth details of all the best people you meet, what the wore and the things they said so you will never forget. This way, in ten years time, when you have deleted Facebook and are onto your 27th phone, you can look back at this and remember everything like it was yesterday.

Keep a tight list of all your fave shopping buddies, best buys and preferred boutiques with the Shopaholics I Met and Liked Book. Remember every catwalk collection to date and never mispronounce the name of a designer again with the Designers I Met and Liked Book.

Make nice neat lists of all your favourite artists and their works including doodles with the Artists I Met And Liked Book. And, for all those red carpet events you attend, get the Actors I Met and Liked Book that can also double as an autograph book.

Each book is hard back with a matte, leathery feel laminated cover and 160 fine quality blank pages ready to be filled with your memories.