Lazy Loves Lady Sovereign!

Lazy Loves Lady Sovereign!

The staff here at Lazy Oaf love nothing better than a bit of reality TV and we simply couldn't wait for this years final Celebrity Big Brother. So when we saw female rapper Lady Sovereign enter the house decked head to toe in Oaf goodness we literally fell out of our seats and proceeded in doing little dance around the room. Lady Sovereign, real name Louise Harman, has been making regular visits to our Kingly Court shop for some time now so we were hyped to see her wearing her purchases both in her cameo and when entering the house.

Here you can see the Sov sporting our Grey Don't be Square T-shirt alongside the Pyramid Necklace that  features in her CBB main photo - you go gal! She was also donning the Grey Rosy Bear Sweatshirt in her cameo video.

As if we weren't hooked enough already, we will now be keeping an eager eye on Lady Sovereign for her remainding time in the house so please join us in a game of Spot the Oaf! Let's pray that she let's Vinnie Jones have a go at the Rosy Bear Sweat or Sisqo rock the Pyramid.

Don't go letting us down now Sovvy!