Mend Your Broken Hearts

Mend Your Broken Hearts

Last week we received an email from the delightful East London duo Broken Hearts DJs who were on the hunt for some food related designs and we were more than happy to oblige. We kitted the girls out with our Tuxedo Dresses and French Fries Tote Bags ready to wear for the launch of their food themed cabaret collective Yum-Cha-Cha. We totally love the look they created teaming the dresses with white tights and tasty cherry hair bands by Piers Atkinson.

Broken Heart DJs Amber and Nisha are two very talented ladies. These style starlets are connoisseurs is vintage fashion and have designed their own clothing lines with one of our Carnaby neighbours Beyond the Valley. As their name would suggest, these girls are both DJs and musicians spinning tunes across the globe and penning their own tracks. We've just fallen slightly in love with this Bedrock inspired video for Count Those Freaks!

One photo of Amber and Nisha simply wasn't enough so we have selected some of our favourites including their heart shaped hair, matching monochrome outfits and enviable eye lashes. Now these are two girls you certainly wouldn't want to be up against in a fancy dress competition!

You can follow the lives and loves of Broken Hearts on their blog at and see more of their work on their site at