Pretend That We're Dead

Pretend That We're Dead

Last week we had a break from the bright lights of the the Lazy Oaf HQ and spent the day discovering our dark side in Stoke Newington's beautiful Abney Cemetery to shoot some of our key pieces for Halloween. Our press girl Jerry teamed up with Lazy Oaf shop girls Zoe Jade, who did the photography and Dee Monti who modeled, to create some dark magic. Inspired by our favourite Halloween classic The Craft, we gave some key Lazy Oaf designs an eerie make-over shooting in a mixture of colour and black and white. We hope this gives you some outfit inspiration as we have shared it just in time for our  Halloween 20% Discount Weekend. Photography by Zoe Jade of Ladybird Likes.

Batman Bodysuit with Me & Zena Magic Star Ring.

Monday Slob T-shirt

Batman Batwing Shirt

Skull Repeat Shirt

Batman Sheer Bat Cropped Top.

Skull Boobs Crop Long Sleeved Top with Glitter Creepers

Lazy Oaf x Underground Glitter Creepers coming soon...

Rib Zip Sweatshirt

We'd like to assure you that no graves were disturbed during this shoot.