Quarantini Cocktail Recipes

Quarantini Cocktail Recipes


It’s a freaky time and it’s been a long period of self Isolation, I think it’s quarantini time!


Whether you’re bored shitless, need a project or are deserving of a delightful tipple we have worked alongside Chris from @throughthewoodslondon and our house mate Sarah to concoct some quarantine cocktails that you can make at home! We had a bit too much fun putting these together so we hope you will too. If you aren’t a booze hound you can swap out the alcohol bits and they taste just as good! We really want to see the results so tag us!


Remember to drink responsibly!







1. Snake Bite


An old classic that reminds us of pubs with sticky carpets and when people still smoked inside, it feels so dirty it’s delightful, if you can’t face a pork based snack, swap it out for something else, we suggest some salty nuts, or a cheese toastie.


Half and half cider & lager

Mini pork pie

Wedge of cheddar

Pickled onion

Cocktail stick

1 tablespoon Black current cordial



Pour half cider and Half Lager into a Big glass.

Leave room for The Cordial at the top

Skewer one baby pickled onion and a wedge cheddar into a mini pork pie.




2. Mary's Bacon Sandwich


One of Gemmaoaf’s favourite things in life is a bacon sandwich (sorry pigs). This is our boozy slant. This is one for the morning after!


Cup tomato juice

1tsp tobasco

1tsp Lea & Perrins

Salt and Pepper to taste

25mls vodka (optional) or to taste

1 bag Frazzles (crushed fine)

1 rasher crispy streaky bacon

1 leafy celery stick

1 happy crouton



Dip the rim of your glass into some egg white then dip into crushed frazzles or other bacon flavoured corn snack.

Put your slice of bacon into the oven till crisp.

Ice into a glass, add tomato juice, vodka (optional), tobasco, lea & perrins and salt n pepper to taste.

Add a table spoon of pickle onion juice to the mixture, give it a good stir and add your garnishes on top.


Happy Crouton:

Cut a circle out of some white bread.

Press and the eyes and mouth out with a blunt wooden skewer.

Put in the oven until golden.



3. Oafgroni


This drink is often too grown up so we added an oaf touch with happy ice cubes, blood orange juice and a little umbrella, we come classy but leave trashy.


60 mls fresh blood orange juice

25mls Gin

25mls Campari

Ice or frozen orange juice

Blood Orange Icecubes



Night before fill your ice tray with blood orange juice or shop bought orange juice.

Put ice cubes in glass

Juice 60 mls of blood orange add Campari and Gin

Pour mixture over the Ice and give it a good stir.

Peel half a clementine and use the skin to make an umbrella, if you are fancy like that.




4. We Made The Grade


This cocktail is so easy to make and looks well impressive, you will practically become Tom Cruise.


1 cup pink grapefruit juice

1tbs grenadine

Splash of soda

25mls gin (optional)


Fruit Garnish



Get yourself a slim tall glass.

Add the grenadine and gin in first and give a stir.

Add ice to the glass.

Then add the pink grapefruit juice leaving space at the top to add a splash of soda water.

Do not stir!!

For decoration add a slice of pink grapefruit and a cocktail stick with two glace cherries to perch on the rim.



5. Tart with a Heart


This is one for the sweet tooth’s, a classic combo of Rhubarb and custard with a gin tick, you can work your craft muscles too…I think that is acceptable quarantine exercise.


Cawston Press rhubarb juice

25 mls Gin (optional)

Sloppy vanilla ice cream (or vegan alternative)

Freeze dried raspberry powder



Add 60 mls of chilled Rhubarb juice into a glass, add the gin.

Carefully add your desired amount of sloppy ice cream over the top, using two spoons and a couple of careful delicate hand movements to ensure you do it a few spoons at a time to ensure it doesn’t sink.

Make a template of some card that is bigger than the top of the glass, cut a heart shape out and then use a teaspoon to shake dried raspberries over the template on top of the cocktail.



6. Coco Popsicle


Let’s turn the milk chocolatey…and boozy! This is daytime drinking in disguise. I would rather have a bowl of coco popsicle.


1.5 cups coco pops

1cup milk or oat milk

25mls baileys (optional)

Melted chocolate

Coco pops for dipping



Add milk to a bowl of coco pops, allow to soak for 30 mins, then strain through a sieve.

Add 25 mls of Baileys to milk (optional)

Pour into a paper cup or a used and washed take away cup, or any other suitable moulds. Pop this into the freezer for 1.5 hrs, remove and place wooden skewer in the centre of your mould, then leave till frozen.

Once Frozen, melt some dark chocolate, and add coco pops in another bowl.

Quickly dip popsicle into the melted chocolate then dredge in to the bowl of coco pops for a good covering…voila!