Weird ‘n’ Tasty

Weird ‘n’ Tasty


How many times have you opened that fridge door today? Replied to an email? Good work, you deserve another snack! Working and being at home pretty much all of the time has made us even more obsessed with snacking.

Via Instagram, we asked you guys what your ultimate Weird ‘n’ Tasty snack combos were and you didn’t disappoint, thanks . It seems that any kind of chocolate and cheese combination is a REAL thing, who knew?!

We also huddled together with fellow Oaf's and compiled a list of our favourite suggestions with tips for you to recreate them at home, then conducted a taste test (maybe the best thing that has happened in the last 5 weeks) and they’re all delicious! So get ya’ weird on….

Created by Gemma Oaf & Chris @throughthewoodslondon





Pot Noodle ‘n’ Crisp Sandwich


This has been a teenage staple for a zillion years, if you haven’t gone there in your life, it’s a pandemic guys, life’s too short, you have to eat this once.  What is new to us is the flavour of crisp being vital to the all round taste sensation, we went for prawn cocktail….holy shrimp, this shizzle is legit! I was transported back to being a teenager eating a version of this whilst watching a lot of Seinfeld.



One Chicken flavour Pot Noodle (typically vegan friendly, if in US a Cup Noodle should do it).

We used vegan Prawn Cocktail crisps (chips).

Burger bun, but also good in any bread.


Follow instructions on Pot Noodle to cook.

Prep bun or bread.

Once both are ready, assemble in layers of noodles then crisps.

Add bun top, or slice of bread and give it a good smoosh down.

Proceed to eat, it’s going to be messy-licious.





Nutella, Cheese balls ‘n’ Wotsits:


It doesn’t sound right, cheese and chocolate shouldn’t work. But so many of you suggested  loads of variations on these two ingredients going together. We had to try it for ourselves, it’s like a Britney Spears song explosion in the mouth that leaves you saying “Hit Me Baby, One More Time”.



One giant jar of Nutella (or vegan alternative)

Cheesy crisps we have used: Cheese Balls and Giant Wotsits (cheese alternatives will work)

(or vegan alternative)


Open jar and start dunking those bad boys in.

Close eyes and go for it, who’s going to judge you?!




Baby Bell Burger


My My My My burger bell…..Yup, hope that gets stuck in your head now, it’s important to sing this whilst assembling this snack. This is a combo that can be made with the fridge door open, in the palm of your hand.  It is a perfect vessel for scraps. Could it make a posh canapé to impress your isolation pals with? I am not sure, depends how close they get to it.



Baby bell


Baby Tomato

Sliced American Cheese



One tiny Cornichon for decoration.


Simply cut the Baby Bell horizontally in the middle, to create a bun.

Use bottom half of Baby Bell as a template to cut the other ingredients to size.

Layer up, place cocktail stick through the centre and serve.





Mars Bar Sausage Roll: (minus a real sausage)


Work (fh), Rest (fh) and Play (fh)….Thanks Mars. This is like a pain au chocolat turbo charged. Why have I only discovered this NOW? This is so easy to put together, the beauty of this, is you can stick any choc bar you damn well like into that adorable little pastry parcel, it’s all going to be good, you can’t fuck this up. You could also play Russian roulette and have all choc and one actual sausage one, but it’s still win win!



Mars Bar

Frozen Puff Pastry Sheets



Put Your oven on at 200C to warm up

Cut your puff pastry to a size that will cover your chocolate bar.

Cover chocolate bar with pastry sealing the edges with egg wash.

Crimp edges with a fork to ensure that it is sealed nice and tight.

Cut letters or a design from additional puff pastry and place on top

With egg wash, once in position also place some egg wash on top.

Place in oven for 15 mins



Fairy Bread


A strange combo popular in Australia. Bread with what looks like little fairy poops sprinkled all over it. The sugar crash after consuming this is going to hit you like that time you forgot to pick up your party bag.



White Bread

Butter or spread

Hundreds & Thousands


Sprinkle shit loads of Hundreds & Thousands

Cut crusts off and cut into the shape you would like and serve.



Chocolate, Banana, and Salty Nuts Toastie:


If you stare into the photograph of this sandwich hard enough I think you can see your lunch future. This is pure filth. If I could open a restaurant tomorrow this is on the menu. Get the Breville on!




Chocolate bar (we used a chocolate caramel bar)

2 slices of bread

Small bit of oil or butter for the pan

Chocolate spread (we used Nutella, melted chocolate is fine)

Salted Peanuts


Oil or butter into a non stick pan, if you don’t have a Breville.

Two slices of bread, place the broken up chocolate bar on top of some sliced bananas, on one side.

Put other slice on top and place in pan, place a plate on top, cook on one side until golden then turn over to do the other side.

Once all golden, smear with Nutella or melted chocolate and sprinkle with salted peanuts








Erm, dessert, with no washing up bar a small spoon, you're welcome. This is a biscuit with stuff on top, close your eyes and it is a dessert fit for…..royalty.



Digestive Biscuit

Cream Cheese

Squirty cream



Get your Digestive biscuit and smother with cream cheese.

Add some squirty cream on top, if you don’t have any just add a little sugar to your cream cheese.

Place some fruit, tinned fruit is good or fresh as your topping, voila, fuck bake off!