You're Such a Phoney

You're Such a Phoney

There is nothing we like doing better than listening to our favourite tunes whilst walking along the streets, perusing the shops or tackling a 3 hour train journey.  And now, with the help of these dreamy new head phones, you can blast out beats from your own silent disco in style.

Gone are the days of scrambling around for your flying earplug headphones when you have these cushioned babies keeping your ears warm whilst rocking your favourite tracks.

Available in candy pink, baby blue, shiny white and bold black, these headphones bought to us by Spitfire make the ultimate head accessory.

Remember those cassette walkmans you used to carry around when you were a wee nipper? Yes they were great but unfortunately tapes are no longer about however, 10 years on we have something that is just as good - the Spitfire Cassette MP3 Player.

With the exterior of a 90's cassette and an interior of a hi-tech MP3 player, this gadget perfectly combines old skool aesthetics with modern technology. With a 1GB SD card, all you have to do is connect it to your computer, download all of your fave tunes onto it and hey presto, you have hours worth of entertainment in one simple compact. And how do you listen to all those tracks? With the headphones above of course, however it does come with its own set of earplug ones as well.

Music doesn't just have to sound good, it can also look good too!