We Have our Lazy Eye on YOU

We Have our Lazy Eye on YOU

There is nothing team Oaf love better than seeing our garbs worn by all of you near and far so, as part of Carnaby Street's Catwalk event for London Fashion Week, next Saturday 11th September we are inviting you down to our store to show us what you've got. Because, quite frankly, no one rocks Lazy Oaf as well as all of you.

Get ready for LAZY EYE ON YOU - Oaf fans, we want to see you in all of your glory. * Come to our store on Saturday 11th September wearing a piece of Lazy Oaf and receive 20% discount off everything in store (you can be wearing an item of jewellery, clothing or a bag)! * If you come along 'Oafed' up to the max wearing more than two Oaf items then we'll give you a free goodie bag worth over £10. * Get your photo taken, have a little chat to us about your outfit choice and appear on our special Lazy Eye Style blog the following week. * We will be opening up Oaf Club to new members on the day... find out all the details in store. Photographs will be taken throughout the day but our official Oaf photographer Jerry who will be getting snap happy between the hours of 12-4pm. We are looking forward to seeing all of you there, dressed up to the nines in your Lazy Oaf gear for us to cast our lazy eye on you!

And there is plenty more worth coming along to see on the day. There'll be live catwalk shows down the length of Carnaby Street (keep you're eye out for Oaf pieces), Company Magazine's editor is heading down to give insider trend advice, there'll be the official unveiling of the new Vivienne Westwood Lee Jeans collaboration and our friends American Apparel, Gola, Vans and many more all have massive exclusive discounts running just for this special day. These are discounts you won't see again for a very long time.

To get you in the spirit for our style trial, the Lazy Oaf ladies thought we'd let you in on who we consider to be our favourite style icons. Read on for some right treats and let us know if you have anymore to add.


My style icon changes constantly (some may say I am a very fickle person because of this) but my current idol is singer Jenny Lewis. Mostly because of her beautiful hair, which I have attempted to replicate using various shades of hair dye to no avail, but also because we share a penchant for beautiful vintage dresses. I'd give anything to raid her wardrobe. Oh, and she makes some pretty lovely music too.


I am not too sure who I'd pick as my style icon but people often tell me I look like teen cartoon character Daria which can only be good thing right?!


They have no shame left to lose and just wear whatever they want. The more floral print layers the better.


Basically if you could amalgamate soap actresses, 80s oversized comediennes, all the Disney characters and early 1900's  children's wear you get my style influences. Eclectic but it works. I have been considering a perm lately.


I don't know what's happened to me lately but my most overused phrase is 'everything looks better in black'. Since I got my hair cut, comparisons to The Craft and Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice) have been frequent and I have also gone back to wearing my hair in plaits (see Wednesday Addams). Cheer up goff? No thanks!


Although my bleach blonde hair is now a distant memory, the only person that makes me grit my teeth in envy and regret is Babs Windsor and her tower of platinum locks. Any lady who tries to gain height inches with their huge hair has my instant respect. But my love affair is down to more than hair. Its the late sixties mini skirts and polo necks and the high wasted bikinis, carry-on camping style. Plus she always seems to have a drink in her hand and having a ball. She makes me proud to be British, no wait, she makes me proud to be short.


Each of them have there own distinct style and under no circumstances do they care what anyone else thinks of them, they like to mix it up and throw in that odd ball item, some more often that others. I am lucky enough to see VW on the tube in London as she lives near me, she still manages to out do everyone by looking polished and well put together even early on a Wednesday morning. If I look half that good I'm happy.

If you want to feature in our next style blog then make sure you come on down to our shop in your Oaf items next Saturday 11th and become the fashion icons of the future!